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Hi! Thanks for checking out our free course on how magic works!

This is a series of private sessions with my students every week on the ROOTS of magic: what works, what doesn't, what is fluff and what is essential. My name is Dusty White, and I am the author of several books on magic (divination and manifestation). Most of what I teach my students is hidden away at the Academy of Divination mystery school, but this set of sessions will span four years where we examine magic in minutiae. 

The purpose of these lessons is to give you bite-sized lessons on "how magic works" (literally) so you can avoid the mistakes the rest of us have made over decades of trial, error, and reading endless books on magic. There is no Harry Potter fiction here, no romantic "teen-magic series" with sparkly vampires and werewolves. This is an ongoing discussion of how to actually do magic that works.

I will be hosting most of the sessions, but I will also interview my friends (famous people you may have books by, or have heard of) to get their take on various aspects of magic. This is all free. It is a university-level education broken down into tiny blocks anyone can digest, no matter how busy their schedule is. I hope you will sign up to get all of our episodes (here, or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or whatever service you like). 

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The reason these lessons are so short is that we want you to truly absorb this information and use what you learn here instead of just processing it and forgetting it in search of some quick fix. It took all of us decades to learn this stuff. We are hoping you will only take a few years. These are skills you will have for the rest of your life. Thanks for being here!

Apr 11, 2021

Session 16: i versus I: The power of and problem with Ego in magic

Instant summary

  • ** LONG episode! ** one hour lesson on the power of ego in magic
  • aries vs. leo magic — both work, which one is "correct" for the moment?
  • the essentials of internal versus external magic styles

Our topic for this session is all about the ego and its use in magical practice. This crosses over into an extremely deep and murky subject we have to flesh out in longer sessions involving internal versus external magical practices. But those are sessions for another time. For today we have to address the “I” and what it means in magic, and when and how it is useful―so that we can get the best results. 

i = Aries - this is the part of us that realizes we are an entity

I = Leo - this is the part of us that realizes we are an Entity in a world of entities.

Learn to listen ― the easiest way is to remove your I from your consciousness by embracing the i; punt the yappy dog: metaphysically, not physically of course.

But the I is important in ceremonial magic styles, as you have to command, direct, and negotiate with external agencies (angels, demons, calling “God” by his secret names). In faerie magic you are a part of nature, or the lower-case i rather than an individual spell caster calling on the forces of magic as if they are separate entities you are summoning.